International Sushi Day: My First Experience + Harumi Sushi


One of my New Years resolutions for 2017 was to try new things and really expose myself to new experiences. Sushi has always been something I have avoided as I am not that big of a fish person and am deathly afraid of food poisoning, so therefore avoid any food sporting a bad rap for having a high possibility of contamination. However, my friends all love sushi, and have tried numerous times over the years to get me to try it.
So in the spirit of change and experiencing new things, I finally decided to try sushi, and what better day to do so than on International Sushi Day! A relatively new holiday (no doubt thought up by clever sushi companies) that is slowly gaining popularity in the US. And why not? It’s exceedingly easy to celebrate and an excuse to eat decadently! So here it is! My first time trying sushi!


Sushi Report


(Left) Las Vegas roll, (Middle) Rainbow & (Right) Spider.

Las Vegas
I liked that it was deep fried and therefore crunchy and not super fishy tasting. It did have a bit of a kick because it contained a bit of jalapeno but it was by no means super spicy. I have a low tolerance for spice so it wasn’t that hot at all.
The Rainbow Roll is what comes to mind when I think of sushi, it’s very traditional in it’s styling and composition. You know how the California Roll is sometimes considered ‘fake sushi’? This is essentially the ‘real sushi’ version of the California Roll, complete with a slab of raw fish right on top. I had a hard time with the big piece of raw fish but the roll beneath was delicious. The inside was crab meat, avocado and cucumber. I don’t know about the crab meat but the veggies were refreshingly crisp and flavorful, mixed with the rice and sauces it was a tasty bite.
This was my favorite! I’m still dreaming about it, along with the Las Vegas. The Spider roll has a mix of crab meat, avocado, cucumber and eel (sweet) sauce. It also had something called masago, which I found out was fish eggs, tiny ones no bigger than the tip of a ball point pen. They have no taste so I just tried not to think about them. What I really loved about this roll is the sauce they used over it, making a bit sweeter, and the tempura crab meat that gave a surprise fried crunch to every bite.
I did not order this but I did try it, and since it is their signature roll I thought I would review it as well. This is one I might order next time, because it’s a lot like the Spider only it’s even sweeter. It also has a lot more to it including tempura shrimp, crab meat and tuna. The only thing I didn’t like was that the tuna was on top. It has radish and spicy mayo as well which was surprising because like I said, it’s a very sweet tasting roll.




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