Codename Fashion

Cinderella and the Vampire Ball


I’m coming out of the closet! For those of you who follow me on social media this┬ámay┬ácome as a bit of a surprise to you, but deep down beneath my pastel laden and ultra feminine wardrobe, I have a weakness for the Victorian-Goth, Fantasy style. Surprise! It’s true, I’m a…

Codename Beauty

Beauty Trends 2018: Outside the Lines


The rules of makeup have really done a bit of a one-eighty this year. While 2017 may have been all about crisp cut lines, contoured edges, and dramatic smoldering colors, 2018 is all about the natural clean look where lines are blurred to the point that coloring outside the lines…

Codename Travel

A Sundress For San Diego


If you have read any of my past posts regarding travel, you know that listed fairly high on my list of travel essentials is a maxi or sundress. They are just so easy to wake up and throw on in the morning, making getting out the door that much faster…