Emerald City Adventures!

I’m so excited for my trip to Seattle this weekend! My cousin and his lovely wife have recently had their first child and my mother and I are going up to celebrate along with the rest of our family and friends. Along with the excitement that comes with visiting relatives I have not seen in a while, there is also the giddiness derived from the knowledge that I will I will shortly be in one of my favorite cities. I love the hustle and bustle of the Emerald City; the old majestic buildings, the smell of the ocean, and all the different cultures living in one place.

There are so many things I am hoping to do and see on this trip. I am hoping to get to visit Pike Place Market and Uwajimaya’s ( Pronounced “Waji-maya’s,” an oriental marketplace) as I haven’t been to either in years; however I also hope to spice things up a bit from simply visiting my old haunts so to speak, by going to the Chihuly Glass Museum for example. Sadly I missed the exhibit when it came to Phoenix a while back and since then they have built and dedicated an entire museum solely to his art, which to me resembles something along the lines of an exotic, under the sea version, of Alice in Wonderland. A great thing about going in October is that Oktoberfest season will be ongoing, and where better to celebrate Oktoberfest than the magical little German town of Leavenworth.

Built to resemble a quaint German style town, complete with bar wenches and horse drawn wagons, I’m really looking forward to going with my family, friends, and their kiddos as it will be a fun experience for all.

I must confess, one of the biggest things I’m looking forward to is the food.  Sad but true, it is impossible to get good Chinese or Indian food in Arizona, believe me I have tried, but Seattle… basically all you can eat smorgasbord.  Again because of all the different cultures located there, you can find almost any kind of food you can think of somewhere in the city.  My guess is I will probably gain at least five pounds on this trip, but it will be so worth it!  Mmm… almond chicken smothered in gravy, marsala chicken curry, samosas, and boba tea every day! (Bit of a boba fanatic right here!)  I’m with Jennifer Laurence on this one; some things are worth being fat for.

Unfortunately, as excited as I am, I am not fully packed yet and I’m leaving tomorrow! Usually I am more put together than this, in my defense, it has been quite an insane week.  I better get a move on though if I’m going to make the plane tomorrow. I still need to tidy up the house a bit after the insanity of packing as well so the house will be in order for our house sitter, looks like it’s going to be a long night.  It took me a long while to dig out my winter clothes, which were buried in the back of my closet in a dusty box labeled “Washington Clothes,” simply dying to be worn.  After all, fall in Washington is one of my favorite fashion seasons. Why you may ask?  Because of all the accessories of course!  Gloves, hats, scarves, vests; you have the option to wear them all, without actually necessarily needing them yet.  So many combinations so little time!

See you in Seattle!



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