Bellissima Me: Face Cleansing Pro


The Bellissima Face Cleansing Pro was designed with the idea that we shouldn’t need makeup to have flawless healthy looking skin.  Stress, oil and pollutants can cause blemishes in the skin which can cause us to apply pounds of makeup as a quick fix, unfortunately that only serves to make the problem worse as we simply add more grime to our already clogged pores. We have all been taught to wash our faces before bed but just washing with water, cleanser and a washcloth rarely reaches deep enough within the skin to really do the job, completely missing the heart of the problem that’s buried deep beneath the layers.

The Beautiful Face Cleansing Pro uses Sonic Vibration technology using hundreds of microscopic vibrations to help the bristles of the cleansing brush gently reach the lower depths of the skin layers to result in a cleansing that is seven times more effected than that of manual cleansing. But it doesn’t stop at cleansing, that is only one step toward healthy youthful looking skin. There are four other changeable heads, all sharing the same triangular shape that allows for better access to those hard to reach areas. Along with the standard cleansing head there is a softer, more finely bristled head for sensitive skin and more in depth jobs. As exfoliating is a big part of retaining dewy skin, by sloughing away tired skin cells to make way for the new, there is also a more firmly bristled brush specifically for exfoliation.Luckily, unlike many of it’s competitors, it’s waterproof so you can use it in the shower! When your skin is steamed and the pores are opened and ready for a good scrub.

The next step in hindering the aging process is to retain the firmness of the skin, and to help avoid fine lines there is a three ‘fingered’ micro massager head that helps activate microcirculation keeping the skin plump and supple. And lastly, after the skin has been buffed, polished and pampered on every level, there is a latex sponge head created specifically for application of moisturizer. It’s more effective than the traditional method for applying moisturizer as it literally presses it gently into the skin layers down to where it is really needed instead of leaving it to sit atop the surface layer where it does very little good. This is truly the spa day your skin has been begging for!



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