Traveling in Italy I have had the opportunity to cross a lot of things off my bucket list, even coming to Italy, Europe in general, left some pretty big holes on the list. Recently I was able to cross one entry off that had been on there for a long time, one that is probably on many a girls bucket list, by traveling to the beautiful city of Venice Italy.  Known as The City Of Love, Art, Masks, Water, Bridges, Light, The Floating City and Queen of the Adriatic; Venice was once the center of trade and commerce for all cultures of Europe and their influences are still visible today.

As I walked through the narrow and bustling streets I was mesmerized by all the colors and architecture Venice had to offer. I could see little touches of influence by other cultures that had over time had become ingrained in the city’s very walls; Moroccan inspired windows were the most obvious, bearing a spade shape rather than the famous romantic Venetian arches. It was somewhat of a dazed experience, walking around on the cobblestone streets, amongst buildings that had been there for hundreds of years, in a city that had been around since 400 A.D, the rich history of this place was overwhelming. And yet the gondolas just continued to drift slowly by along the canals with all the peace and serenity in the world thinking nothing of it. Here and there I was fortunate enough to stumble upon an open doorway to a church and was able to enter and take in the artwork covering the walls, ceilings and floors, which was absolutely breath taking.

Famed trademark goods such as  delicate lace and precious Murano glass could be found in almost every shop window. I was even lucky enough to get to see a glass worker in action, hand blowing glass ink tip quills. St. Mark’s Square is a nice reprieve from tight confines of the narrow streets, shops and tall buildings that block out a majority of the natural light. The break between the two is obvious as you enter a massively open area flooded with sunshine that leads down to the pier overlooking the turquoise waterfront. The Structures of the Square itself are awe inspiring. The gold filigree of St. Mark’s Basilica positively glistens in the sunlight, bringing light to the painting set upon it while the Zodiac Clock keeps the time nearby with it’s also gold laden hands. The Piazza is reminiscent of Buckingham palace in size complete with it’s own very tall clock tower which casts a shadow over the entire square.Sadly there was so much to see, and so little time to see it all.

Blessed with perfect weather and good company, it was an adventure I won’t soon forget, and the rumors you’ve heard are all true. Once you’ve been there, your heart will never truly stop yearning for Venice. However, Marco Polo, world explorer , wise man and citizen of Venice once said this about his own travels:


And so, instead of trying to express what I saw in words, I shall instead do as Marco Polo could not and simply show you instead.

All Who Wander

StyleJinx in Venice Italy bridges fashion Venice Canals.jpg

Morrocan Influenced Windowsvenice-italy-morrocan-influence-culture-trade-wiindow



Venice Canals Italy Gondola.jpg


Murano Glass & Masquerade Masks


Murano Glass Pens Venice Italy Handmade Handblown.jpg

Murano Glass sculpture art Venice Italy Gold.jpg

Venitian Masks Venice Italy Masquerade Masks Handmade Gold.jpg


St. Mark’s Square

Venice St. Marks Square Itlay.jpg

St. Mark’s BasilicaSt Mark's Basilica gold venice italy Artwork.jpg

Zodiac Clock Big Bucket List Item!venice-italy-st-marks-square-zodiac-clock

Bridge of Sighs: Prisoners last look at the world before they died.Hangman's Walk Bridge Venice Italy St Marks Square.jpg

Santa Maria della Salute Vvenice italy famous churches.jpg


Inside Art of Venice Churches








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