Shine Baby Shine: The Dolls Factory Fall Trends


Every little girl loves dress up day, whether it’s a birthday party, Halloween or even a trip to the grocery store; when their mom lets them wear that sparkly Cinderella dress with the plastic rhinestones we all used to think were just the prettiest things ever. As we got older, dress up days were still a thing, they were just fewer and farther between. There became a more strict set of rules and dates about when and where it was appropriate to throw on that glittering princess ball gown. Prom, a charity gala, and our wedding day pretty much became it, gone were the days of wearing sparkle dresses to the grocery store. In fact, as adults most of us barely make it out of our pajamas for that sort of trip. No, everyday dress became more mundane. Solid colors, classic prints, maybe a business suit for the everyday wear. Jewelry was an acceptable replacement for our light up shoes and feather boas but even that had to be kept at a respectable minimum. It was all just so blah growing up, after all kids have more fun..

Content by Jennifer Brown

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