Girls Will Be Boys: The Pantsuit Fall 2016 Trends via The Dolls Factory


It began with the greats, Coco Channel, Katharine Hepburn, even Frida broke the mold defying all by donning men’s wear in a time when women were still regulated to skirts and dresses. One could not say the same today, where it’s sometimes hard to get a woman out of her comfortable jeans and into a skirt. I am delighted to announce that even many years later this edgy, masculine, yet extremely sexy apparel is still breaking down doors for the modern woman. Yves Saint Laurent recognized this fabulous trend in his 1970’s collection in a time when the fashion world may not have been able to handle it. YSL’S famous Le Smoking Suit was actually banned from restaurants at one point! But now independent women everywhere are more than ready to embrace this empowering look and the pantsuit is once again making its debut on the fall fashion runway with a sleek and modern look that I for one am absolutely loving!

Yves Saint Laurent may have led the charge for the cause that is the woman’s pantsuit but it is designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, Christian Siriano and Delpozo that have really followed suit (pun intended) and ran with it. Not only ran with it but…

Content by Jennifer Brown

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    Nicely done Jenna. Enjoying your work from here in Arizona. Regards

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