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I discovered the brand Desigual upon my arrival in Milan Italy. I had always been drawn to clothes of a New Age variety, though I have very little of this style in my own closet as my business like mindset leans me more toward clean lines and the like. However that artistically wired portion of my brain has always appreciated the colors, free-natured designs and ornate embellishments that this sort of style provides. When chancing across one of Desigual’s many store locations during my daily walk to and from the metro, though I was in a hurry, I couldn’t help but stop and gaze through the large display windows for a moment in awe.

I continued to catch a glance every now and again after that, as I went about my busy schedule, always wondering what new outfit would be in the window that day. It wasn’t until my mentor Anja was invited to view the new Desigual Spring Summer 2017 Collection that I finally got to get up close and personal with some of the designs.


See for yourself!

And wow was I impressed! They had somehow manage to blend the elements from the New Age style I liked into something that could be acceptably worn as every day wear, as no, the obviously renaissance  styled gowns and gypsy skirts are still not a very fashionable trend aside from on costume friendly holidays or festivals.

I suppose it is my broke college student mentality that wars with my rather built in taste for high quality and therefore expensive things that draws me to the trademark exquisitely designed denim jackets by Desigual. They were the first thing to catch my eye initially which led me to observe the rest of their collection, the super fabulous and detailed shoes and the woman’s style ranging from frilly, white eyelet cut dresses, to the more tomboyish feel of camo pants!


Found here.

After researching more about Desigual it all made sense. Originally founded in Barcelona, its trendy artistic prints, crazy patchwork designs, use of graffiti art and bold flashy colors built around wearable and livable clothing was all in line with their motto ‘La Vida es Chula’ or ‘Life is Beautiful.’ Created by someone who obviously possessed an artistic mind, Thomas Meyer, who dreamed of creating affordable fashion that was still able to express the individual and unique nature of every person wore it. This year’s Spring Summer 2017 Collection does not stray from that ambition as the inspiration for the collection was the busy and modern day woman striving to maintain her hectic schedule living in the big city while still expressing her wild and restless spirit.

Desigual Dresses Jacket Sale Style Jinx.jpgCheck them out!

Though the graphics of this collection have been toned down a bit the free-natured essence of the brand has still been captured in the use of three evocative trends. The first is being called Lady Camo, it is the brand’s spin on the ever in style military look, complete with the use of this year’s hottest trend of embroidered and bedazzled appliques, which are continued throughout the collection, set on camo prints and tom boy colors of khaki, navy blues, golds and my personal favorite, military olive green.

The second is called Exotic Tribal which is expressed through brightly colored striped and tie dye patterns, and set in tones that are reflective of the African jungle. Last but not least is called Victorian Boho, which pairs the romantic feel of the 19th century in whites and off whites with crochet and eyelet lace embellishments, and a 70’s vibe with the long dress acting as the statement piece for this section of the collection and once again incorporating the use of embroidered embellishments.

desigual-exotic-jeans-sping-summer-2017-embroidery-style-jinx-runwayExotic Jeans



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