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We have all seen the movie Pretty Woman, or at least have heard of it. A modern spin on the Cinderella story, it is the tale of an unhappy girl who has met with misfortune and dreams of greater things. Her path crosses that of a sad, lonely, and rich businessman, who is also looking for a sense of happiness, who whisks her away on the adventure of a lifetime! Over the course of this rags to riches tale we watch as our ‘Cinderella’, Vivian, blossoms from a lost, coarse, unrefined girl into a proper gentle lady who knows exactly what she wants out of life. 

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My time in Milan has been very educational and instructive, not just in the career field I wish to peruse, but also in who I am and who I want to be.  I would say the old world class of this great city as well as it’s zest for modern ideals has rubbed off on me just enough to get the wheels of change turning. I would also say that being under the tutelage of the great Anja Tufina has definitely gone a long way in buffing and smoothing down some of my coarser edges. As she has not only succeeded in teaching me to see the world differently but also in looking at myself from an angle I may not have discovered on my own.  

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 I cannot describe how good this experience has been for me; coming to a different country, and working with people who speak a different language in a field of which I had only a slight bit of knowledge. It has really made all the difference during what has essentially been a crash course in a better way of living my life. Not to mention, much like Vivian, discovering exactly what it is I want from this new way of life. No doubt there are numerous challenges that still lie in wait further down the road but even the challenges and bumps along the way are becoming something to look forward to rather than something to run away from or avoid. And so my journey continues!

Style Jinx Kocca Jacket Pretty Women Crazy Purse.jpg

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