If you are planning a trip to Milan and are wondering what to pack, basically think anything and everything in the color black. I discovered this fact shortly upon arriving in Italy, sadly after having already packed my suitcase full of extremely bright patterned clothing and dress slacks. I wore my slacks once or twice the whole time I was there. Unless you are a business man there is absolutely no reason to pack slacks to Italy. Maybe a pair for church if you plan on attending, however women generally are expected to wear dresses.

So naturally, feeling rather out of place at cocktail events, I was desperate to get my hands on some black apparel. Luckily, for me I just happened to be in one of the greatest fashion capitals in the world, well known for some of the best shopping, and during Milan Fashion Week too! It was time to put that ‘No Foreign Transactions’ Credit Card to work! This is the tale of how my wardrobe took fabulous turn toward the dark side.

My first large haul shopping trip was, funnily enough, toward the end of fashion week. One of the show rooms was having a large sale for designer Silvian Heach’s line of clothing. The sale was in order to make room for the upcoming Spring Summer collection (Talk about lucky!) There I acquired my very first Italian designer label as well as many new fabulous pieces I have since put to good use and fallen in love with. Though I couldn’t resist a few more colorful and playful pieces, I made sure to especially keep an eye out for garments in black. In the end I came away with several gorgeous pieces, such as this snazzy and fun LBD.


Though moving to Arizona where the sun always shines has had me moving more toward colorful sundresses and pastel colored shorts, the resurgence of black in my closet has inspired me. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were to see much more of this shade in the near future, as I continue to veer further down this path into the mysterious world where the color black reigns supreme.






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