Falling In Love With COTE: The Dolls Factory


The COTE fashion show was something quite different to behold during fashion week. Set in a grand hotel in Milan some were a bit confused at first and many did not enter the show initially thinking they were still in the process of setting up. That may be due to the fact that the scene for the show was set much like a construction site with clear, pink and blue tarps. Balloons were also littered about adding a playful element. The designs themselves, however were far beyond mere manual labor uniforms.

I’m going to go with my descriptive name for the Cote show SS17 which was ‘Quirky Construct’. Quirky, due to the styling of Pippi Longstocking pig tails, ankle socks with tennis shoes and white eye shadow. Not to mention the colors and patterns combined; light blue pin stripes and white and chartreuse floral prints with crisp white pinafore vests. In reality is was an attempt by Cote to begin anew, going back to the original roots of design. Which better explains the scene itself, the tarps symbolic for something that was in the process of being built or reconstructed while the balloons evidently stated that this change was a cause for celebration.


Photos & Content by Jennifer Brown

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