Happy Valentine’s day my lovelies! Now that my wardrobe is embracing a darker look I thought I should try something a bit more daring myself, perhaps explore the more wild corners of my makeup styling. With the frenzy of Valentine’s Day and the release of the new 50 Shades of Grey movie just around the corner, I figured there’s no time like the present.


In the US one of our top selling makeup trends is the ‘natural look’, which basically means still piling on pounds of makeup only in nude and neutral shades. This look has also been called the ‘Nude Look’, a market for which has been dominated by the Kardashian/Jenner family. Fun fact: Kylie Jenner has made 20.5 million dollars off her Lip Kits and merchandise alone. Continuous large sell outs of Kits have kept demand and prices skyrocketing, some lip shades selling for hundreds online due to the shortage!

In Italy however, I found more color was key. After a few weeks my mentor Anja called me out on the lack of color included in my makeup routine. Darker shades of blush and bronzer instantly found their way into my makeup bag in the hopes of rectifying the situation (and she was right, I have always gone very light with my makeup). However it didn’t quite do the trick as a week later she asked, “Why don’t you wear more lipstick?” I was actually wearing lipstick when she asked this, in the color Crème Nude… and that is the story of how I received my first real lesson in how to wear red lipstick.

As I continued to attend events with Anja,(several of which were new makeup line releases fro brands such as Rimmel London and Physician’s Formula), I continued to pick up new tips and tricks for experimenting with color. I even got lucky and was invited to attend and join in an event for MAC makeup, where they taught us how to create a smokey eye. You can view the experience through my eyes below:

It was after this that my daily routine began to include less browns and gold’s, and more dark greys and black. It wasn’t until an Inglot event that both Anja and I discovered a rather amazing shade of dark gothic purple that had us falling in love. So, while I probably won’t be donning this look every day, sometimes it’s nice to walk on the wild side and rock one’s inner bad ass.


Silvian Heach Leather Jacket & Over Dress

Dark Plum Inglot Lipstick 

M.A.C Inspired Eye Makeup







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