Best Milan Secondhand/Designer Shopping: Bivio!

composite-bivio-web-900-okI cannot express how fortunate I was to stumble upon this amazing little shop while on my way to the market of all places! Located but five minutes from my apartment, Bivio is a goldmine for all fashionista’s. It houses everything from vintage to lightly used Zara and extremely well priced designer wear, including gowns from Dolce&Gabbana, Chanel, and Valentino. Gowns that usually cost thousands of dollars  can be found be anywhere from 80 Euro to 300 Euro, not a bad deal!

bivio_milano_shopping_second-handokbivio_store_3These 2 photos of the interior from the Bivio Website

For you shoe fanatics out there, fear not, they have a pretty impressive array of designer shoes as well. Including name brands like Christian Louboutin, Fendi, Mui Mui and many others.


I myself had my eye on a pair of velvet Armani loafers I sadly let slip through my fingers.  So how Bivio works is similar to any other consignment store, people bring in there old clothes ( ‘old’ is a relative term, some of these clothes still have their original tags on them!), and they receive money for them, or in some cases store credit. Something to keep in mind if you want to upgrade your wardrobe while in Italy! If you wish to be rid of a few articles of clothing you have become bored with and want to trade them in for something to really wow your friends back home Bivio is the place to go! Should you find yourself in need of evening wear or if the weather be fickle on your visit, it is also a great place to find whatever you might need, be it a coat, warmer pants, gloves, or even boots for a really good price.


If you are seeking a gift for a friend or significant other Bivio has got you covered there as well! I have a couple of very fashion forward guy friends who love to really suit up for big dinners or nights out (and they’re single ladies!), so while I was there I picked up a couple Dolce&Gabbana ties (one still had the original price tag on it!) for around 20 euro! You have to keep an eye out because things are constantly changing as new stock arrives. They also have some pretty awesome sales days if you’re willing to let something slide in hopes it has gone on sale when you return in a couple of days.


There are two Bivio locations.  One in what I call ‘downtown Milan’ which is by the Duomo that has a large basement sale section , and the other is a short metro hop away in Pta. Venezia. This is the location I was closest to and though it was about half the size of the one ‘downtown’, it seemed to have a larger selection of higher quality and designer sale items. I noticed upon my visit that the Duomo location often housed items I had already seen quite a few times at the Pta. Venezia location. But it’s always good to visit both and see what goods each one has gotten in for the week!

Being back in the states there have been many times I wish I could visit Bivio again. We just don’t have anything here with such amazing prices! Nor anything with so many unique styles coming through the door each week. I was lucky and found several dresses for both day and evening during my many trips to Bivio (I mean, it was on my way to the market, how could I not stop?) along with several jackets, as it was very cold in November. This was just one of my fun finds:


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    Fantastic post! I’ve been on the lookout for upscale consignments 🙂 I would love to share this. Is it ok if I reblog?

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      Jennifer Brown

      Absolutely! I’m so glad this was helpful to you 🙂

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        Thank you 🙂 It was very helpful! Please post if you find a great place like this that sells online. This could turn me into a shopaholic 😉

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    Ladies and gentlemen, if you find yourself in Italy, you should visit this store. I HAD to reblog this post from as I’ve been searching for a high-end consignment store. I was so excited when I saw her post! Thank you, Style jinx, for allowing the reblog 🙂

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