Bloopers From Farewell to Fall Shoot! Unexpected Visitors and Fun!: Kitties in Need!


During a shoot at Saugaro Ranch a few week back we had a few surprise visitors who wanted to join the party!


As you can see he is not enjoying himself at all….


He isn’t scared, he was actually kneading. My boyfriend on the other hand, was a little intimidated by his gargantuan claws haha.

*Please Read: 

If you are looking for a kitty,or are looking to open your home to an animal in need, please check this place out. Several of the cats are not feral and are quite friendly, some just require a little patience and someone who will take the time to earn their trust. The hot 120 degree weather is right around the corner and these little ones could really use a cool safe home to wait out the barbaric heat waves of summer.

We met a lady who mentioned they were having trouble feeding them all and were hoping to start a fund to help support the animals that lived on the ranch. If I hear more I will add the information for those to wish to help the cause.


His friend wanted in on the action…




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