Final Farewell to Flannel and Fall


In Phoenix we have two seasons, summer and winter. By winter I mean it gets down into the forties. Considering water freezes at 60 degrees in Arizona, that’s pretty dang cold for us Phoenicians! Believe it or not ‘winter’ is actually our ‘summer’, because in August it’s 120 degrees and not even the lizards want to be outside then. The shift between the two seasons is usually not gradual either, especially the onset of summer. One day you wake up at 9am and walk out the door in your warm weather jeans and a sweater like you do everyday, only to have it be 80 degrees by lunch time. It really is just a one day shift, and a sign that you better hustle and break out your summer clothes from storage.

This outfit is from a little while back, just on the turning point of the warm weather. I wanted to make sure I got to wear it one last time before I packed it all away. An outing to Suaro Ranch was the provided the perfect opportunity.The black English boots from my riding years are made from a soft leather that mold to my feet and make it feel like my feet are swaddled in the softest satin. My vintage skirt sporting a plaid pattern  and made from flannel just like I used to wear back when I lived on a farm during my youth. The Saks Fifth Avenue embellished belt keeps with the more western theme while my black sheer blouse by Silvian Heach give the outfit a more feminine and fashionable quality. The embroidered roses I feel give the ensemble a bit of a Spanish twist, yet everything ties together easily for a chic yet comfortable outfit.


Silvian Heach Emroidered Blouse

Saks Fifth Ave Belt Vintage

Vintage Flannel Skirt (Estate Sale find)

Saugaro Ranch reminds me a little of Drogheda from the 1983 miniseries The Thorn Birds that used to play on ABC. I’m sure many of you have never heard of the series before seeing as it is an older one, but the general plot of the series takes place on a large ranch called Drogheda in Australia.

DSC_0128a Saugaro Ranch

The main house is surrounded by roses and trees, however the rest of the ranch, being in Australia is dry and dusty. Saugaro Ranch is similar, it has green trees an rose bushes near the main house but further out it’s dry and dusty, complete with an old outhouse,the buildings spread far apart. There is that similarity but I believe it is also my childhood upbringing that keeps me coming back to Saugaro Ranch every so often.


You see the area is kind of a safe haven for strays of all kinds, cats, bunnies, chickens, even a peacock! People sadly just drop of their unwanted pets, as they used to do on our farm, so instead of going to a pound or something they live on the ranch squirreled away on a small portion of land in the middle of the Glendale. They are safe there for the most part, there are a few nice souls who have taken it upon themselves to bring them food. (Though last time we were there we met a lady who mentioned they were having trouble feeding them all and were hoping to start a fund to help support the animals that lived on the ranch. If I hear more I will add the information for those to wish to help the cause.)

At the ranch, should you so desire, you can go wander among the rose bushes and the orange trees, or hang out on the wrap around porch with the animals. Some of the kitties actually joined in the photo shoot looking for loves! Haha! You can see some of the fun photo bloopers from the shoot here!


It’s a very relaxing and peaceful place, such a nice little break from all the hustle and bustle without driving long distance. And that is why it is one of my go to places to enjoy my afternoon off.

*Please Read: 

If you are looking for a kitty,or are looking to open your home to an animal in need, please check this place out. Several of the cats are not feral and are quite friendly, some just require a little patience and someone who will take the time to earn their trust. The hot 120 degree weather is right around the corner and these little ones could really use a cool safe home to wait out the barbaric heat waves of summer.




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