Catholic School Meets Mrs. Smith

Such a perfect location to celebrate the coming of spring! Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons, because they are a shift in the world that is plainly visible to the naked eye. It’s so fascinating to watch a place such as this transform. Strolling quietly through a place that is in a state of limbo, between what it was and what it will become. Spring is such a blessing on it’s own, as a reprieve from the chill of winter, but watching the flowers and trees blossom as if overnight is truly magic in and of itself! This little secret garden was one of the last places I visited in Milan, which explains the greenery, and I think back on it often.

I also have quite a few memories of this jacket! I called it my Mrs.Smith jacket, referencing the role of a secret agent played by Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. (The movie that brought us the famous celebrity pairing ‘Bradjolina’.) I feel like two completely different people whenever I wear it, especially with this particular dress pairing. It is like night and day. I go from mysterious and sophisticated secret agent one minute to modest, shy and obedient catholic school girl the next, just by removing the jacket. Isn’t it amazing how clothes can do that? A metamorphosis  to rival that of spring wouldn’t you agree?

Every girl has one, so what is one outfit in your closet that makes you feel this way?


The Jacket: By Betty Blue


The Dress: By Silvian Heach




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