Spring Into Style:One Fashiontastic Show!

All I can say is, what an amazing show! All of the stylists at the Spring Into Style show this past Saturday really gave it their all, showcasing their spring trend of choice to result in a drop dead fashion-tastic runway! The night’s events began at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, where the show would be held, in true Arizona style. The event took place  outside, amidst the red rocks, cacti, palo verde, and palm trees which backed up against the gently sloping green rolling hills that make up the resort’s expertly manicured landscaping.

The threshold to the event was a red carpet followed by a press conference for the stylists and then on to the open area where the runway presided, circled around by pop up vendors from different boutiques across the valley. After a couple hours of perusing the booth and engaging in lively conversation with the shows other attendees it was time to take our seats! After a brief introduction by Brian Hill, head of Phoenix Fashion Week and Push Arizona Fashion Forward Meetup, the celebrity inspiration (Including Miss Arizona and the Smart Blondes) of each stylist walked the runway before taking their seats. IMG_0532aIMG_0551aIMG_0518aIMG_0513aIMG_0516a


First up was the trend Statement Sleeves by the Style Stalkers. Each show had their own bit of flare to add and the brother and sister duo chose to have a rapper rap the music for the models to walk to. Their styling also included a spin on what I am calling ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ hair and lovely simple but chic makeup.


Next up was the trend Floral by Ashley Paige. Her collection definitely embodied floral, in both the fabric’s prints and the use of a flower head reef, but staying true to her style Ashley made sure to also give her looks a proper edge. It was quiet a perfect blend of soft girly florals for spring with a pinch of rock and roll feistiness Ms. Paige is known for. Who knew leather and floral, not to mention body chain jewelry would work so splendidly together! Definitely something to try in the future.  And for her choice of added flare, the models gave away roses to the audience during the finale walk.


Next up was the trend Traveler styled by Sarah Parks of Fashion to Fit You, who surprised us with a casting of all male models, emphasizing her belief that a well tailored suit can take you places. No need for too much extra flare here. The male models were styled in chic tailored suits and sported backpacks, pieces of luggage, and plane tickets to what we can only assume would be a fashion fabulous destination.


Yellow was the trend to follow next, styled by Sandra Yotty. During her intro speech she stated ‘many people like yellow but are afraid to wear it…..I hope to show those people how to incorporate yellow into an everyday outfit.’ And so she did. Although at first I was a bit disappointed not to see a full yellow skirt or dress come down the runway, later reflection on her earlier statement dispelled all of those feelings. She wanted to show small ways to incorporate the vibrant color, in baby steps if you will, as she is right. Though many are drawn to the happy shade, they aren’t always bold enough to wear it. Her interpretation of ‘yellow’ was a great way for some such person to slowly become accustomed to it without becoming overwhelmed.


I will be honest and say the collection I was most blown away by was Mixed Prints by Mitch Phillips. I think it was because it was not what I was expecting. After all, the name ‘Mixed Prints’ usually doesn’t bring to mind ‘glitz and glamour’ which is what this show turned out to be. Mitch did and excellent job putting together pieces I would never in a million years think to put together, but after seeing them walk down the runway, I had an irresistible urge to add to my closet.

The outfits were like something from a fantasy world, and would definitely require someone quite bold to wear them in public but I think that’s what made them so entrancing to look at! It looked kind of like her models were on their way to a garden tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter, and I for one wanted a seat at that table! The clothes were assembled in such a way that the eye never really landed in one place but was constantly drawn around and around again, finding something new and different with each pass. Truly not what I was expecting and delightfully so.


Last but certainly not least, was Punk by the lovely Parisa Zahedi. One surprise after another, this collection definitely lived up to trend. According to the dictionary Punk is ‘a loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music.’ I would say Parisa’s styling fit the bill of loud, fast moving, and aggressive to perfection as this was a collection that really stayed with you even after the show was over. As you can see she really went all out with her styling choices for both clothes and makeup embodying hard core punk in every way. As it should be, this collection is very in your face, and love it or hate it you will never forget it! It certainly ended the night with a bang!

Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 6Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 12Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 13Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 15Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 1Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 3Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 10Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 11Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 12Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 14Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 16Spring Into Style Punk Parisa Zahedi 19



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    Ashley Paige’s collection is a perfect blend of expressing spring with the grunge and edgy chic look! Love her work!


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