Super Duo: Nioxin Hair Regrowth System Review and My Top Favorite Hair Lifesaver!

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My hair has been shedding a lot lately (more than usual), making my hair look really thin and lack luster. I don’t know if it’s because my diet has changed so drastically from the food I was eating in Italy, or maybe just the cold weather, who knows? When we took the vacuum cleaner into the shop a few months ago and found out it was jammed because of (you guessed it! Ugh!) my hair, I knew it was time to take action!

I tend to be rather cheap with my hair products, and by that I mean I can’t really see myself justifying spending 50$ on hair spray or whatever. That being said, I still try and keep an eye on what is in my shampoo and conditioner, even if it is from the drugstore, because I don’t want to damage or poison my hair or scalp. I like herbal essence clear shampoos because they have no parabens or silicon, they also don’t leave a film coating on my hair like the cream ones do. I particularly like the rosehip, jojoba and vitamin E infused one from Herbal Essences Smooth Collection, as well as their Volumizing shampoo and White Grapefruit and Mosa Mint one. As for conditioners, I have a thing for those that include Keratin or Argan oil. Though a friend turned me on to Garnier’s Cocoa Butter that works very nicely. I had the idea that I needed to change my hair formula up often to keep my hair looking and feeling great, and ended up will a shower brimming with a bunch of different kinds of shampoos and conditioners.

However drastic times call for drastic measures, so I splurged and purchased the Nioxin Kit for Fine or Thinning Hair. As my mother said, ‘Why not? Think of all the money you have spent on that other crap that didn’t work? Why waste your money, just buy something you know will work!” So, I have been good for three weeks, only using the Nioxin shampoo. Sparingly I might add, it was 50$ for the kit including an almost travel size shampoo, an even smaller bottle of conditioner and a hair growth serum. (I recently found it cheaper here:Nioxin System 4 Thinning System Kit Chemical Treated Set (Clenser 300mL (10.1 FL OZ), Scalp Therapy 150 mL (5.07 FL OZ), Scalp Treatment 100 mL (3.38 FL OZ))  

The shampoo also does not foam up the same way a normal shampoo does; which means you really have to work it into your scalp and you don’t actually require a whole handful of product. I try and let both the shampoo and conditioner sit for as long as I can in my hair for maximum effect.

The mix contains peppermint oil (especially the conditioner), a proven ingredient in promoting hair health and growth. And a safer one than most, many hair growth products contain a lot of alcohol, and nasty ingredients that can cause migraines and other side effects. (This natural method has been scientifically tested to find it works better than the other genetically engineered stuff anyway!)

Peppermint is used as an effective cleanser, purifying the scalp of dandruff and bacteria that might be stunting hair growth, and restoring the pH levels of the scalp to a normal healthy level. At the same time it’s cooling properties, that tingling feeling you get when using it, also serves to increase circulation. Which induces more follicle activity as it continually shields against more bad bacteria growth to help the roots grow stronger and last longer. And I have to say that after only a few weeks, my hair looks, and more importantly feels thicker! I also have a lot of new hair coming in!

*I will note that Nioxin is meant to be a very powerful cleansing system for hair. That in mind, I accidentally picked up the one for chemically treated hair it still striped a lot of the color out of my hair (that I had applied a couple weeks early in a desperate attempt to kick start my hair back to life). I should have picked up the one for color treated. I have decided not to redye it until I finish the product but it is difficult!

Joico K-PAK Intense Hydrator for Dry and Damaged Hair

Favorite Beauty Products Jocio Intense Hydration Hair Mask Beauty Blogger

This was what was suggested to me by my savior of a hairdresser, and it pretty much what kept my hair from breaking off after a really bad perm a few years ago. Well, this and the Joico K-PAK Reconstructor. Word to the wise ladies, love the hair you have, if you want to change it up stick to cut styles and coloring! Anyway, this is one of my top beauty loves that I never veer from because it really works for me. It’s a bit more expensive but considering the end results it produces, it’s a bargain at 20$ a bottle! (Sometimes I happen upon a buy one get one deal at ULTA and I always stock up! I recently found it for 15$ here: Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator Treatment, 8.5 Ounce ) Luckily this is a product for which a little goes a long way. 

“The inside secret: Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex is a master at quenching thirst by restocking Amino Acids; Silicone seals the cuticle and delivers intense shine; while Lanolin and Shea Butter replace lost peptides.”

This stuff is not super greasy or oily, actually soaks into the hair, has a pleasant but not overly perfumy smell and it doesn’t irritate my hands when I apply it. I have sensitive skin, so if it irritates my hands it’s going to irritate my scalp. No Bueno. This means I can apply it when I’m sitting at home watching T.V or sunbathing even and I don’t have to worry about it being irritating or getting solution all over everything. A lot of times I actually forget I have it in and have ended up just covering my hair and sleeping in it! Honestly I could probably use this as a leave in conditioner if I wanted to.

Even though I have been using the Nioxin kit, I will use the Nioxin conditioner on my scalp and I use this on the rest of my hair, tying it up and leaving it on as long as I can in the shower. I want the Nioxin to give my scalp a deep clean but on the end where little to no oil is produced my hair needs something a bit more hydrating. The pairing has been working out great! 



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