Jackie Kennedy taught us that pearls go with anything, and today we still find this to be very true. I have even seen pearls styled with a button down shirt and a pair of jeans, so they have definitely made the journey from dressy essential to casual appropriate. However, I never expected to see pearls paired as an embellishment on jeans! At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the trend, but I have decided if done tastefully, I rather like the idea!

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I first discovered pearl jeans on Pinterest, during my many hours of scrolling, before noticing it appear on Instagram. As embellished Denim in general is a major trend this spring, I was not a surprised to find the pearl explosion has spread to jean jackets as well. This may be an easier way for some to incorporate pearls into their wardrobe, as the pearl jeans undoubtedly take a bold and funky personality to pull off.

I researched the jeans and discovered that sadly, the funky trend was a bit out of my price range. They range from $21 to nearly $600 online and as I am but a poor Arizona girl, that wasn’t going to happen. On the flip side, being a  poor Arizona girl, I have learned to be thrifty and creative. After a quick search on Pinterest and an inspiration board full of ideas later, I was off to dig through my sewing and craft supplies! I grabbed a pair of old Aeropostale skinnies, I’d probably never wear, and chopped them off to make capri’s for summer.

Pearl Jeans

I had found a photo online where someone had just embellished the cuff roll on a pair of skinny jeans. I liked the simplified look a bit better than the chaos of pearls all over, and the materials I had (a few pearl embellished appliques left over from an old wedding gown we had disassembled to make a baby dress) worked better for a project like that. It took about an hour to cut, sew, and tack on everything by hand. Then Viola! A pair of Capri’s to go with everything! Sadly, I didn’t think to take a before pic but the final product looked pretty good. So if you are like me and want that designer look for a bargain bin price try DIY-ing it! If you can sew a single stitch you can sew on a pearl!
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