Doll Eyes & the Magic of White Liner

white liner

I recently finished watching The Vampire Diaries, and it was a sad but oddly happy end to an eight year period of my life. As any girl does, I had one particular character I identified with. In this case it happened to be the female lead actress Nina Dobrev. Not necessarily because I identified with the character she was playing, more because she was the one in the show with features that most closely resembled my own. Nina has chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, only slightly different face and eye shape and skin olive tint. Which made her perfect to steal makeup and wardrobe ideas from. Which I definitely did, if my multitude of TVD pinterest boards and YouTube tutorials are any indication.

In short, the show is about a high school girl Elena Gilbert who is caught in a love triangle between two stud muffin vampire brothers. And because it takes place in the small town of Mystic Falls which happens to be a hot spot for mystical energy, the story also involves all sorts of story book characters. Vampires, Werewolves, Hybrids,Witches, Sirens….basically anything goes. Now I was very lucky in that Miss Dobrev actually played two roles in the show. One as the quiet, sweet, high school teen and all around good girl Elena Gilbert, and the other as Katherine Peirce. Her 500 year old doppelganger (a supernatural evil twin that reincarnates every few hundred years) who is Elena’s exact opposite; sneaky, mischievous, bad girl seductress. I say I was lucky because this gave me a great range of hair, makeup and wardrobe styles to work with!

Elena wore natural makeup which was barely noticeable and youthful looking, with straight hair, basic jeans, and a T style with converse. Katherine on the other hand was styled more maturely; lots of makeup, bouncy curly hair and distinct flamboyant clothing and accessories that screamed sex appeal. Oh and she always wore heels. You can see the difference. (Elena on Left, Katherine on Right)

       20100d030d2f4600d662281f8c498a9cf5e3                       Nina Dobrev Elena The Vampire Diaries MakeupThe Return

So naturally I played around a lot with both sets of looks and discovered a great trick for brightening up my dark eyes and making them appear bigger. White eyeliner! It was the secret to both great looks and one of Nina Dobrev’s favorite makeup tricks because she says it makes her eyes look more ‘awake’.  I personally like the NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil, White, because it is more like a creamy crayon which makes it safer to use near my eyes and I find it shows up better than a pencil. Apply it along the inside bottom eyelid and line just beneath the lower lashes with a darker color, like your contour eye shadow color or eyeliner.

White eyeliner big eye tricks

After a few test runs and tweaks I found a great everyday makeup look and a glamorous but easy go to evening look. Naturally I sent a pic to my girlfriend, who knows I have a lot of trouble with eye makeup (as my face eats color, eye shadow, liner, blush you name it!). She responded “Achievement Unlocked: Doll Eyes.” Haha! But she was right, because my eyes are almond shaped it really does help them look bigger.

Text: “Getting better at the stupid eyeliner.”res_1492938780214




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