5 Must Have Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe This Spring

Spring Summer 2017 5 must haves in your closet fashion blogger favs1. Ruffled Banker’s Striped Shirt

There’s a pretty big chance that if you were to open your Instagram App and scroll through your feed right now you would see a rendition of one of these shirts within just a couple of minutes. If you want to shorten your search use  #blueandwhitestripes, or @eiffel_in_love77. This trend is literally blowing up Instagram! And you’d have to be blind or stranded in the desert to have not noticed several people sporting this fresh and frilly trend on the street. It’s the shirt that makes a statement and is a must have piece for summer.

Blue and white striped ruffle banker shirt instagram SS17 Trends.jpg

2. Embellished Jean Jacket

Another trend that is hitting the streets this spring is embellished denim jackets! Embroidery, appliques, and even pearls are a welcome addition to this denim classic. This embellished garment is going head to head with the also resurfaced popularity of bomber jackets in a race to be this year’s hottest jacket trend! As denim goes with anything it will be a must have for spring and summer. Time to hit the stores, or even better, the vintage shops! Either that or dig out that old denim jacket and get bedazzling!


3. Waist Belt

A belt isn’t simply for utility these days, or even for adornment, though a belt is a nice addition to almost any outfit. Since women figured out that using a belt to cinch a garment in at the waist made said waist appear smaller. It has been a trend that has never really gone out of style. The only noticeable change over time has been (much like with men’s ties) the width, ranging from spaghetti thin to nearly mini-corset thick. That and occasionally the size or type of buckle would change as well (comparable with that of the size or shape of a tie knot). This year it seems a wide waist cinching belt is once again back in style, especially those that resemble a corset with laces tying up the front. That or have a large ornament directly in the front. Basically ladies, it’s go big or go home!


4. Net Stockings

If the resurgence of denim jackets and waist cinching belts have you boarding a time machine back to the 80’s then this last trend will have you ready for blast off! Fish net stockings! Who knew they would make a comeback? Blasting back into 2017 with the faint sound of Cherry Bomb lingering in their wake. One of the most noticeable ways we are seeing them worn recently is under ripped jeans. The net stocking peekabooing through the denim windows and high above the waistband, as the look is usually paired with a crop top. Though, we are also seeing them paired with short shorts and Adidas Superstar tennis shoes. Net ankle socks have also become a popular Instagram phenomenon.


5. Yellow Dress

Yellow is the color choice award winner of the season, and it is a must have in your closet for SS17. Yellow bathing suits, handbags, and pumps are splashing off the runway and onto the pages of Vogue. From there, the elated style hits the streets where the brilliant hue ads a pop of color that is as necessary and welcome as the summer sun and all the warmth it brings with it. My favorite of all the yellow saga has to be the yellow sundress. It is as effortless and comfortable to don as a pair of sunglasses, and is the perfect throw together outfit for any occasion, day or night!







-Written by Jennifer Brown in collaboration with The Dolls Factory

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    Daniela Soriano

    I want it all! Especially those tops on number 1!


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    Thank you for the tips! I really love yellow dresses on other but yellow is (unfortunately) not my color! I love the pic tho, where you are wearing that dress! xo

    • avatar
      Jennifer Brown

      Thank you! And I used to think yellow was an off limits color for me as well til I found this dress and realized, I just need the right Shade of yellow to fit me. It’s a bit of a daunting color but you could totally rock it! You just have to find what works for you 🙂

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        Thank you, I will definitely look at it! xo

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