I Have Decided I Love Prints!

I have decided I love prints. The great thing about prints is that they are suitable for any age or season and can be styled casually or formal. Oh how I do so love clothes that are versatile!  As a child however, I always had a love/hate relationship with prints because I could never match them perfectly with anything. I’d drag that printed skirt or top out every once and a while thinking I’d finally get to wear it, then try styling it ten different ways before giving up. Ultimately leaving a mess of clothes on my bed before settling for a regular t-shirt and jeans. Eventually if I couldn’t match it, it would get shoved to the back of my closet til spring cleaning. But even then I couldn’t get rid of it because I actually did  like the print, and back in the closet for another year of hoping to match it with something.


Prints are just such a fun and playful element to add to an outfit! They add a sense of intrigue to a look that just can’t be achieved using accessories alone. The term ‘eye candy’ comes to mind when I look at them. And in today’s one can do so much with prints! I remember when I was younger and you had, let us say, a blue and white print skirt; you wore a white top with it. Or you had to search out a blue top that matched the blue of the skirt exactly or else it looked tacky. There are no such stipulations today! Now the same skirt can be paired with a pink, yellow, or green top! Even a printed top is acceptable if paired right! Something that was considered a bit wild, or even taboo back then. Well, at least where I lived anyway.


In some ways I still share that matchy-matchy mentality with my younger self, but I am much more learned now and a little experimentation with prints sounds like fun! This is one example of some of my recent escapades with prints. With any luck you will be seeing plenty more of this look in the future!




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