5 day Staycation: Hitting the Reset Button

I recently was blessed with an excuse to enjoy a nice long staycation. As you may know, occasions such as these are usually extremely rare and are definitely something to be cherished. As it was, it was just myself and the puppies for five glorious days. Now most would take the gifted days off and run with them, and I mean literally; hiking, shopping, going out in the evenings, hanging out with friends everyday, the works. But I decided to do something a little different.
As I am currently between jobs and trying to find where I best fit after my internship in Italy, I have been dedicating most of my time to growing and structuring my blog. I have also been using the time to work on building up my personal relationships and doing a little upkeep on my friendships. Pouring quite a bit of TLC into both areas, and doing quite a bit of running around, writing and photo shoots, I was starting to get a little burnt out. Together my mind and body were burning up a fair amount of energy, and like an automobile that hasn’t been serviced in a while, my systems were starting to run a little on the slow side.
So I decided to stay in, try and avoid social media for the most part, and check my ‘fashion blogger’ cap at the door to my self created reboot center. It was tough at first, trying to turn my brain off and relax. Eventually I settled into a loose routine of sleeping in, cuddling with the pups for 20 minutes or so in the morning (I felt like I’d been neglecting them), then breakfast, some puppy play time, and whatever I felt like that day. After all, there are so many things one can do during a staycation!
Catch up on some reading..Staycation Reading Lazy Day Life of Luxury Fashion Blogger Lifestyle or some napping. Because I always chooses a comfy spot to read!Staycation Reading Lazy Day Life of Luxury Fashion Blogger Lifestyle NapRelax with a pot of tea and your thoughts…

StaycationTea Time Lazy Day Life of Luxury Fashion Blogger Lifestyle…or spend TLC time with that special someone.Staycation Tea Time Puppy Lazy Day Life of Luxury Fashion Blogger LifestylePamper yourself with a manicure…Staycation Manicure Nails Painting Lazy Day Life of Luxury Fashion Blogger Lifestyle…and catch up on some gossip with a friend you haven’t talked to for a while.Staycation Manicure Nails Painting Cell Phone Phone a Friend Lazy Day Life of Luxury Fashion Blogger LifestylePerhaps there are some hobbies you’ve been neglecting…IMG_0771a…maybe a friend or little helper will stop in to say hello.IMG_0896Or maybe, just kicking back and enjoying your favorite show. (Have you seen GirlBoss?!)Netflix lazy day fashion blogger lifestylegirlboss-netflix-bande-annonce

Other ideas are:
*Taking a hot bath. Maybe try adding some Epson salts or lavender oil to help relax and relieve stress.
*Make or order a comfort food. I made homemade potato soup, yumm!
*DIY Face or Hair Mask. There are hundreds or recipes on Pinterest! Or reach for a sheet mask!
*Try a new makeup look or hairstyle! You’re not going anywhere who will see if you don’t like it?
*Pop open a bottle of wine and reach for something chocolate. You’re on vacation!
*OR maybe try and hit the veggies you missed out on during the rush of the past few weeks. Healthy body, healthy mind! I love baby carrots and steamed asparagus!
I was surprised to find out I had been somewhat unhappy going into my staycation, maybe even a little self depreciating. Probably due to stress from job hunting and struggling with my creative muse. This became obvious toward the end of the five days as I just felt so much lighter and carefree! Renewed for sure, and miraculously my writer’s block was gone! I’d been battling it for weeks, but since my break my creative train has been full steam ahead! (My blog draft queue has jumped from 23 to 50 in the last week alone!) I guess we all need to hit the reset button once and awhile.
What are some things You do when you need to relax and reboot?giphy



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