Take Me To Church: Calliope & Zero UV

Churches were one of my favorite places to visit while in Italy. Because of their history and age, some of the artwork and architecture found in these churches were absolutely exquisite. One of the most memorable churches for me was the church of San Cristoforo in Naviglio. Possibly because it was the one I passed every day on my way to my internship, but also because it was one of the oldest in Milan as it was built in the 13th century. It’s over 500 years old! Perhaps that is why I was attracted to this church in Old Glendale.
Calliope Dress
Zero UV Sunglasses
Nine West Shoes


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    This place is just so beautiful and your classy and chic outfit fits perfectly with the dreamy background.
    Lets follow each other darling.
    Love from https://tbymallano.com/

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      Jennifer Brown

      Yes let’s! My ultra classy blogger in arms! 🙂

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    the harmony in our clothes

    I love churches too, this one looks so beautiful. I also love your outfit, especially the dress 🙂

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      Jennifer Brown

      Thank you! I am always a sucker for a stone building with high archways 🙂

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    Tamara M.

    Loooovely look!

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    Eryn Wong

    Nice dress! It’s my dream to visit Italy!

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      Jennifer Brown

      Plane tickets are super cheap right now! It’s quite an experience.

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