Where I Shop My Shades: National Sunglasses Day


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I love sunglasses! If you couldn’t tell from my outfit posts, they really are one of my favorite accessories. I will admit I have a bit of the dramatic flare when it comes to selecting my shades, after all they are like a socially acceptable mask for your face! Much like the ones superheroes and ninjas and harem dancers wear, they can display so many different possible personalities and emotions at once so why would you ever select something boring??
I have been asked several times where I find my unique sunglasses, so on this happy Sunglasses Day, I’m going to spill some of my top favorite places to shop! To be honest sometimes it’s just pure luck and I just happen to be somewhere and stumble across a great pair. Like the other day at Micheal’s Craft store of all places, I found an amazing pair of big cateyes for $5 in the sales bin! Other times I spend hours drooling over my keyboard whilst window shopping Amazon to avoid the temptation of actually holding them in my hands at a store. (This is sadly becoming more frequent, my wishlist is huge!) As you all know I just changed my blog name and used the photo above to announce it. The glasses in that photo are from Amazon.
Shopping Amazon 
Review: I always feel safer spending a little extra money to buy from a vendor with reviews, especially if it is something I need for an event that needs to be perfect. That said, if you select a vendor with a lower price and the item doesn’t work out, Amazon is amazing about returning items. Also, their customer support staff are always very friendly and nice.
Selling Points:
-With Prime-2 day shipping
-Good comparable prices + reviews
-Amazing return policy and customer service



Zero UV
One of my absolute favorite online companies to shop sunglasses from is ZeroUV. I have been buying from them two years, they are my go-to for that odd ball pair of shades needed to go with that perfect photoshoot outfit. I also got my famous Eyelash Sunglasses here! I love that they have categories like: Blogger Favorites, Retro, Decade Styles, Hipster Dapper, Wanderlust and my personal favorite, Novelty! Now, are these sunglasses that will last a super long time? Some are definitely more for special events that utility, while others may surprise you with their durability!
Review: I have never sent anything back and have been pretty happy with all of my purchases. I use these shades all the time when shooting so they have held up pretty well!
Selling Points:
-The Categories
-You can find everything from Lolita’s shades to Back to the Future Reflective Laser Vision shades
-The perfect pop of ‘WOW’ for photoshoots
-The prices are ridiculously low and there are always sales!
-No one will have shades like yours = lots of compliments!


Lucky Strike
I am calling it that because that’s what it is. The sunglasses in the photo above are the ones I picked up at Micheal’s! You never would have guessed right? I am always on the lookout wherever I go for gems like these, they go with anything and I am always needing to rotate my sunglasses for photoshoots so the more I have the better. Also they are inexpensive so if they break I’m not crying. I also get lucky sometimes at Target. For example they other day I purchased three new pairs for $3 a piece, along with a couple fedora hats, from the bargain bins at the front of the store. Thank you 4th of July, I was in need of some blue rimmed sunglasses! 
Selling Points:
-You can DIY bedazzle them if you want without ruining a good pair.

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EXPRESS Cateye Sunglasses

This was definitely not the first place I thought of when shopping for shades but I have been converted to a different way of thinking thanks to the above pair of sunglasses. These babies go with everything, they fit my face well and boy are they durable! This was the only pair I took to Italy with me for three months, and I brought them home in one piece! They took quite a beating too let me tell you. Needless to say these are one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses and when they go (already crying at the thought), I will be going back for another pair.
Selling points:
-Durability and Quality
-Look for sales!
-You definitely get what you pay for
-The lenses are the good ones, super UV protection
-Express is fashion forward, if you are looking for those current Instagram favs you may find them here. 



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