Contessa del Ranch Saguaro


No Label Ruffle Blouse
Retro Weave Red Wrap Belt
Cateye Sunglasses by Michael’s
Geiger Floral Skirt
Nine West Gold Slingback Sandals
Chanel Red Lipstick


It’s a little familiar, a little bit wild
A big dream in the wandering eyes of a child
It’s all of the secrets wrapped up in the land
And all that we know about the pride of a man
It’s letting it go then holding on tight
It’s what’s left to lose at the end of a fight
It’s saying a prayer before hitting the ground
And when you need to be gone, it’s where you can be found
And that’s how it goes
With horses and home
It’s dirt under nails and work left to do
It’s fist clenching, back breaking, things that can bruise
It’s broke bits and burs and get up again
And all of the reasons to call someone friend
And that’s how it goes
With horses and home
We put up fences to own this place
Tame all the wild beasts and give them names
But we cant’ be sure just who’s being saved
When we let go of the reigns…
It’s wind through your long hair then on to the trees
Forgiveness and bravery on trembling knees
And then there’s the part where you think you might be
Stronger than most and a little more free
And that’s how it goes
With horses and home
 That’s how it goes
With horses and home
Jessie Veeder




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    the harmony in our clothes

    That’s a very beautiful look! Really love the skirt, it matches the blouse so nicely 🙂

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      Jennifer Brown

      Thank you! I like a playful outfit and floral prints always add a little fun =)

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    I’m not into fashion, but I can appreciate good fashion sense! Nice pictures!

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      Jennifer Brown

      Thank you, I always love getting feedback!

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