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Oscar de la Renta once said, “Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.” Is it any wonder then that when it comes to silk the first word that comes to my mind is ‘Luxury’? Followed closely, of course, by words like ‘Rich, Elegant and Comfortable.’ You see, not only does silk feel lush against the skin, it adds an air of refinement to any outfit. Silk also has the unique ability to adjust to the atmosphere you are in, keeping the skin warm in a cooler climate and cool during the warm season. It is this special element that makes silk clothing ideal for traveling, but sadly, traditional silk does not travel well; it has very little give and it is rather constricting to travel comfortably. Fortunately, entrepreneur, world traveler, adventurer, and mom, Joanne Snodgrass offers a solution to this dilemma with her luxury brand Nouvelle and her signature Silk95Five collection. Designed specifically for easy travel care and wear, the amazing silk used in her designs is described as a ‘blend of silk and elastin’ combined enhancing the beauty of the silk, making it washable, with enough stretch for comfort and drape.’

Nouvelle Silk

Nouvelle is a brand that believes a woman should look and feel pampered and radiant in her clothes, but not inconvenienced by them. So naturally, a lot of the brands design focus is centered around convenience and apparel that makes everyday life that much simpler. In fact, one of Joanne’s first star pieces was the Kimini, the 4-in-1 wonder accessory that could be worn as a scarf, jacket, poncho, or skirt. It was created in 2014 and gained a lot of publicity in 2015 when Joanne appeared with the design on a competition segment of the Today’s show called the Next Big Thing. I myself have tried out the Kimini and I love it! I am always cold but hate lugging a jacket around all the time. This is such an easy item to toss in my bag because it’s light-weight and made with rayon so it doesn’t wrinkle! It’s great for work, going out to eat, or long car rides. I took it with me on my last trip to California; it was the perfect day-to-night item and could be dressed up or down. I even wore it by the pool! I hate stepping out wrapped in a bulky awkward towel, and why pack a bathing suit cover that serves one purpose, takes up space in my luggage, and is awkward to pull over my (at that time blonde) head poolside?

Nouvelle Kimini Codename Couture

But naturally this luxury brand is used for more than just necessity and comfort, it also caters to your personal style. Nouvelle provides a variety of selections, from silk camis to blouses, pants and dresses, in a variety of colors and patterns. Around 20 different shade and finish variations ranging from the boldest and most sensual of colors to the softest and demurest of hues are available. The process of creating and selecting these variations is something Joanne personally oversees, even traveling so far as China to ensure the highest quality of silks! She also spends much of her time at the factory, fully overseeing every aspect of her craft throughout the process from raw silk, to dying, to manufacturing. It is that extra element of care and devotion that really makes the clothes special. There is a favorite quote from the brands mission statement that plays on repeat in my mind whenever I am perusing the Nouvelle catalog online, because it really expresses the desire to not just put their customer in a new wardrobe but to transcend them into an entirely new state of mind.
“Nouvelle’s collections captures that moment when you feel the best, radiate confidence and absorb the beauty of your surroundings while wearing sensual styles in beautiful stretch silks that drape soulfully and flow elegantly with seductive sophistication.”

Nouvelle Lavendar Silk Dress Phoenix Fashion Week Designer (2)

Nouvelle silk is meant to accentuate and inspire a woman’s natural power and elegance.These garments flow harmoniously from day to night in an understated design that allows the luxury and vibrancy of the silk, and the woman, to speak for themselves. I will admit, I felt quite powerful and sexy in this lavender silk dress. Maybe it was the sensuous caress of the silk against my skin, or perhaps it was the vibrant color that made my skin seem to glow, or perhaps even the sophisticated design that made my feel like I was in control. Whatever it was, it was a heady feeling and passerby’s responded to me differently, as my manner was different. Even my boyfriend and photographer for the day commented on my change in demeanor. In the end, these clothes emit a powerful and empowering message that translates well with any woman. And, since the launch of this Washable Stretch Silk trademark fabric, Nouvelle has already expanded it’s empire to over 200 of the finest boutiques nationwide. It is a brand to keep an eye on, if you don’t already have it hanging in your closet! It will be a delight to see her latest collection walk the runway at Phoenix fashion week this year.
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