Happy Halloween! Phoenix Vintage Store Finds and Halloween Traditions

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I mean it’s a fashionistas holiday really;the words ‘dress, up & costume’ are all put together in the day’s description box under ‘Mandatory’. It’s essentially the world wide equivalent of a costume ball, only instead of posh horderves there’s candy and popcorn balls! Now as with many holiday’s Halloween has a pretty steep consumer angle and entire cooperations have created platforms to profit from it. Like Spirit Costumes and whatever pro-cavity hooligan that invented candy corn, for example. Halloween is fun but very expensive, and as a kid my parents never really bought into the whole buying a costume bit. In fact I think I only ever wore two store bought costumes throughout my childhood, one was a princess costume, the other was the ‘I dream of Jeannie’ outfit. Both were made with that cool mesh fabric that is unfortunately very very difficult to sew with, so I am guessing that is why my mother decided to fork over the money rather than jam up her sewing machine.

Making your own costume is a tradition in my family, part of the Halloween fun like carving your own pumpkin or harvesting the old cornstalks from the garden to decorate the outside of the house with. (Did I mention I grew up on a farm?) Now my mother had the talent of being able to read a pattern and sew something from scratch. Me…not so much.  I prefer to assemble costumes from already made garments that I find from the Goodwill or thrift shops. Now before I go too much further, I have to tell you, no this will not be a ‘how to make a costume’ post or a ‘my costume this year is..’ post. Maybe next year guys, this year I am staying in, but before I decided this I was unsure of my plans and so had been browsing around Phoenix for some vintage shops to hopefully scrounge up a costume. Which is actually how I stumbled upon Frockify, talk about hidden gems! It’s like Mary Poppins carpet bag, it looks a bit small on the outside but inside it’s full of all kinds of goodies!

  1. And but of course who should own this amazing shop but Dakota Jeane, the Sustainable Fashion Designer I saw show at Phoenix Fashion Week. Lucky me! As I had been lusting after this amazing duster she had shown at PFW that was embellished with peacock feathers. This way I not only got the chance to get hands on with her personally designed collection but also to walk out with this amazing vintage dress from her store. Sadly I was on a bit of a time crunch by the time I located Frockify, but I am definitely planning another trip soon! Till then I will just have to make due with shopping the online site. Though I do love getting hands on with my vintage, feeling the fabrics, trying things on and so forth so I doubt I will be able to resist long. This is one place that will definitely be on my Halloween Hunting list for next year!

Shop Frockify!

4206 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Vintage Lace Dress from Frockify

Unknown Vintage Belt

Cameo Brooch & Earrings from Antique Haven

ARMITRON Time Piece 

LipSense Blu Red Lipstick






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