My First Experience with Lash Extensions by Lash Affair

What you need to know before getting lash extensions

Let’s Talk Lashes!

There’s a first time for everything, and October was a month filled with firsts. My first time attending Phoenix Fashion Week, the conclusion to my first time working hands on with designers, my first time trying mochi ice cream and last but not least! My first experience with lash extensions thanks to Lash Affair!I have always loved the look of falsies, I mean all the beauty bloggers wear them, they are what allows the finished look to appear so glamorous and on point. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if you look up the word ‘SLAY’ in the urban dictionary in regards to makeup you’ll find lash extensions or faux lashes somewhere on the ‘must have in order to rule the universe with your goddess-like appearance’ list. But applying them…*cringe*. Flashing back to the time I was 14 and purchased a set of false eyelashes, sadly making such a mess of it they never officially made it to my face #GlueEverywhere #NoCoordination

So naturally I have never attempted that again but that’s why I leapt like a lioness after a fleeing gazelle at this opportunity to try the real thing. No glue, no awkward application and several weeks worth of fabulousness, and just in time for Phoenix Fashion Week too! If you happened to have been fortunate enough to attend the star studded event you may have noticed several pairs of these Glam lash extensions walking the runway, or perhaps stopped by the Lash Affair tent yourself. These babies certainly leave a lasting impression, trust me a lux set of lashes like these? It’s hard not to recognize fabulous when you’re looking it dead in the eyes.



What to Expect Going In

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my first time getting lash extensions. I mean did they weave them in? How long did they last? Were there different styles to choose from? Was I supposed to know that before going in? How long did it usually take to get done? Did it…*gulp*..hurt?

Well it turns out there are different styles that mostly have to do with how thick you want them and how elaborate you want to go with the shape. Natural vs. Glam, Rounded or Cateye (longer on the outer edges) and so forth. If you want a more natural look ask for more of a ‘fill’ in just to thicken the appearance of your lashes to make them stand out a bit more. I went for a bit more of the glam look, because go big or go home right?! However, I didn’t get them super super filled in, but I did get the longer ones and more of the cat eye shaping as I have almond shaped eyes and like a little lift on the edges.

And no, you will be happy to hear getting extensions does not hurt! It did take about two hours though, however I am told the first time is always longer as the stylist has to create the foundation or frame and build from there. ‘Fills’ as they call them are much faster and less expensive as there is already a basic frame to work with. But for the most part you just lay there with your eyes closed the whole time, you barely feel a thing. I am told some people actually fall asleep! A mandatory nap from which you literally wake up looking beautiful? Sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

Caring for Lash Extensions

The upkeep of these lash extensions is definitely something you have to be prepared for though. My Lash Affair stylist Sydney told me that though the lashes usually lasted up to about 3 weeks their longevity really depended on caring for them properly. She set me up with a bottle of cleanser to gently clean my lashes with in the evening, as oil from the skin and makeup buildup and could corrode and weaken the special glue used to adhere the faux lashes to lay atop my natural ones. One thing I was surprised to learn about false lashes is you aren’t really supposed to curl them or wear mascara with them. Oh darn! You mean I have one less step in my makeup routine in the morning? I can live with that! Not that you would need it anyway with how dramatic the falsies are. She also warned me about sleeping on my side at night as the friction of the pillowcase could cause strain and pull on the lashes. This took some getting used to, as did washing my face at night.

I couldn’t just go at my face for a good scrub and towel dry like I used to. The same idea applied for showering; the first thing I do usually when I get in the shower is put my face under the spray before rubbing on a cleanser. I had to remember not to allow the spray to hit near my eyes as I was afraid the force and heat from the water might weaken the glue or take the lash extensions off all together. Getting out I had to be more cautious about drying my face, also the longer the lashes the crazier they get when they are wet. Sometimes they cross over each other or ‘fall down’, it’s an easy fix really just coax them back up with a gentle finger. They also tended to bunch together, I liked to wait for them to dry before gently fanning them out again with a wide tooth clean mascara wand.


I will say this though, the extra work really was worth it! You know in the movies where they show the heroine waking up in the morning looking flawless? I got that feeling every morning even without a full face of makeup, the lashes were so bold they distracted from any blemishes on my face and even half asleep they are so long you look wide awake! Doll eyes almost. I loved having them and even a month later I still have several faux lashes still hanging on! I have never been one to spend money on things like getting my hair or nails done every month, I always thought of it as kind of a waste or a luxury expense, but lash extensions…that might be something I could see myself loosening my purse strings for in the future. I mean the confidence boost is astounding! I also heard about a treatment that is kind of like perming your natural lashes to keep an upright curl that sound interesting. I wonder if perhaps that would last longer without all the upkeep? I will have to learn more, what can I say? I’m hooked now and there’s no going back!




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