November Musings ~ A Goodbye to Summer

End of Summer Fashion

Before the summer goes completely I am making the most of the sunshine with a last hurrah of my favorite warm weather outfits! Like this adorable crop top and skirt ensemble by Odd Bird designs, fun and playful, easy and elegant basically all the things I love about summer fashion, with Polka Dots to boot!

Dottie by Odd Bird Designs

As the summer comes to a close and  Thanksgiving approaches it is only natural that I begin to think of family members scattered across the country from east to west. Sadly due to how spread out we are and the every climbing prices of travel fare it’s rare we all get together for the Hol’s. However, as this time of year tends to trigger nostalgia, I have been both making and receiving calls from family members who for most of the year, much like myself, essentially drop off the grid. After a bit of catching up and lamenting about how rarely we get to talk to one another the conversation almost always ends up turning to the weather.

The rest of my family reside in states that have a full 4 seasons. My sister in Vermont sends pictures every year of massive snow storms, ice packed roads, temperature reports way below freezing and my four adorable little nieces trussed up like snowmen playing outside, nearly up to their waists in snow. From the other side of the country near Seattle I get similar reports from my cousins only minus the snow, well most of the time. Because Seattle pretty much shuts down at the appearance of the white and fluffy stuff. So whereas during the summer when I’m trapped in my house hiding from scorching sun and triple digit temperatures, enviously stalking their Facebook posts about their outdoor BBQ’s and trips to the lake, there is quite the role reversal come winter.

While the weather drops into the 20-30 degrees for them, here in Arizona we are fervently praying temperatures will drop at the very least to the 70’s in time for Turkey Day! Fortunately it looks like it will this year, but as of right now the forecast is predicting it will be 86 degrees today. It has been getting down into the 60’s in the morning though, which for Phoenicians is cold, so I have been able to break out a couple of my sweaters for work. My poor storage tub labeled ‘Fall/Winter’ is dejectedly shoved into a corner of my room stuck in a state of limbo as it’s still too warm to change out my summer clothes yet just chilly enough at certain times to require something that is not shorts and a tank top. Needless to say I am thinking my Turkey Day outfit will differ greatly from those worn by most this holiday, no heavy sweaters or scarves necessary. I will keep with tradition though and dress in festive colors befitting the autumn season. Sadly that means no polka dots for me!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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