Ipsy! Because Why Can’t Christmas Come Every Month?

A girlfriend got me into Ipsy about a year ago and I have to say I was kind of skeptical at first, but now I am completely hooked on it! When I was a child I used to love getting mail. As I have gotten older that mail has sadly morphed into a nasty thing called ‘bills’. However, each month I receive my little hot pink metallic package in the mail with my name on it and I get as giddy as I did when I was a child. Maybe more so as I know there are beauty-licious gifts inside! *Eeeeeee!*For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ipsy, how it works is for $10 a month you receive five products to try, some in smaller sampler sizes while others are full sized, based of your likes and dislikes. Upon signing up for Ipsy you complete a beauty questionnaire of sorts, it asks basic questions like you’re hair, eyes and skin color so they can better select makeup colors for you. They also ask what kind of brands you like and where you shop, for example Target over Sephora, allowing them to select brands for you to try that are easily accessible and within your preferred price range. That being said Ispy isn’t just about makeup, they also have skincare and hair care products as well. Sheet masks have to be one of my favorite things to get in my Ipsy bag! I’m wearing one right now actually!

Here are a few of my favorite Ipsy bags so far…

These aren’t just run of the mill samplers either! I have gotten to try some things I never would have done if it hadn’t showed up in my mailbox; higher end brands like Makeup Forever, Urban Decay and Tarte even Smashbox! Of course those are mixed in with the more affordable but equally amazing brands like NYX (I get a lot of their lipsticks), Rimmel London, Bahamma Mama, Marc Anthony and Luxie. It’s a great way to try out a bunch of different beauty brands and see what products work for you before dropping a ton of cash on a product that might not be right for you and just being out the money. And each month you can rate your Ipsy bag on each of the products, what you like or what you don’t, if you don’t want to see a particular brand again, or if a shade of something didn’t quite work for your skin tone. This helps tailor your next Ipsy bag towards brands and products you like, want to see more of and/or gives the Ipsy beauty advisers to suggest and send similar brands or products in the future.

Did I mention you get points for that?! You do! And as you save up points you can use them to ‘purchase’ or add an extra product or two of your choice to your next Ipsy bag. As an Ipsy member you also have the added perk of purchasing products you liked for a percentage off through the Ipsy website. They have also just added a ‘cash back’ program, which I have not got to play with too much yet so don’t quote me but it looks like if you purchase through Ipsy you get a percentage of your purchase back in what is called ‘Ipsy Cash’. For example, I recently purchased some of the sheet masks I tried from Bio Republic a few months back through the website as they were on sale for around $15. After my purchase it now says I have about $9.50 Ipsy Cash in my account. I will have to play around with this some more and let you know!

So I have fallen head over heels for Ipsy and the whole idea of monthly subscription boxes, and I know there are several more out there. Who knows maybe there will be a monthly Korean skincare box that comes out around the same price and I’ll give that a whirl, but for now I’ve been really happy with Ipsy. Please keep in mind this post is not in collaboration with Ipsy at all, just a personal review after a year of using them. That said, I do think Ipsy is a really good starter subscription, especially for those who are just starting to dip there toes in the beauty pond. Several of my first months bags came with makeup brushes.  Over the course of a few months I acquired almost a full set of Luxie brushes that I now use everyday, so it’s a great way to build your makeup arsenal if you are just starting out.

My December bag I’m excitedly awaiting…

Try Ipsy!

If you’re looking for a unique gift for the holidays, Ipsy makes a fun and exciting gift that keeps on giving all year long! I was actually gifted my initial six months of Ipsy from a friend of mine for Christmas a couple of years back, which was perfect because it was kind of like the never ending Christmas gift. Most presents lose their shiny glow after just a few weeks, but her presents showed up once a month throughout the year and never lost their luster because it was something new and different each time. The anticipation only grows with the delivery of each pink package!



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