2018 Spring Beauty Trends: A Touch of Pink & the Art of Blush Draping

You wouldn’t know it now but before I moved to Arizona my wardrobe and even my makeup bag consisted mainly of dark colors like grays and black. When I moved to the land of the sun, where it’s essential summer 9 months out of the year, I guess it made sense that lighter colors began to seep into my style. Dark washed jeans, leather jackets and boots made way to lightweight frilly sundresses and flip flops, while smokey silver eye shadow and black eyeliner made way for warm sun kissed golds and browns. Obviously the me then, and the me now has undergone some pretty significant transformation.

Pink as you can imagine, was never really my color which is odd, considering how much pick stuff I now own. However, aside from blush and the occasional lip gloss I never really expected the color to make a drastic impact on my makeup routine. I remember when I was younger thinking two things about the adult women around me; that they wore too much blush and relied way to heavily on their pink and god awful blue eye shadow. Maybe it was just my ‘kid’ glasses but I thought it kind of made them look like overdone scary cartoon characters or clowns.

It was one of the reasons I adamantly avoided blush altogether when I was old enough to start wearing makeup. But with time I came to realize that blush, and even blue eye shadow wasn’t so bad when styled appropriately. Pink eye shadow however was still weird to me, I have a lot of peach color naturally on my lids I work hard to buff out before applying makeup, adding pink to that area just made me look like I had a serious cold or pink eye! So when I saw pink eye shadow pop up on the cat walks of Valentino, Simone Rocha, Kenzo, Adam Selman and many more for Spring this year, I cringed. Much like the blush and the blue eye shadow however, I was once again pleasantly surprised to find that when styled appropriately the look actually kind of worked for me!

Today’s name for this trending style is Blush Draping, the purpose of which as I understand it is to contour the face using blush. The look is fresh and vibrant and can translate from edgy to soft depending on which shade of pink is used, the more common look used a soft dewy pink that gives the wearing a natural appearance of glowing youthful radiance. Although, as with almost every beauty trend,7 we have seen something similar in the past on celebrities like David Bowie, Debbie Harry from the movie Hairspray and going even further back, on the illustrious Miss Audrey Hepburn who we all know was the epitome of ‘glowing youthful radiance’.

You remember I said it was something like contouring right? Well it’s the truth, to achieve this look the application process is similar. After reviewing several beauty tutorials on the process I started to look at my ‘contouring’ area like the shape of the number 3. The top of the 3 rests just above my temples wrapping around the natural curve of my eyebrow. The middle divot of the 3 sets just on my temple and sweeps inward and up over my eyelid before arching down and around again contouring heavily along the base of my cheekbone lined by the bottom curve of the 3.

I put a bit of my own spin on this look and went for a cross between edge and soft, meaning I used a more vibrant (almost hot pink) color instead of a lighter softer shade. However my face eats color for breakfast so I really had to go darker with it in order for it to show in these pictures…seriously it’s way darker than it looks here! I also used my favorite blush brush which is the e.l.f Angled Blush Brush ($3.99 at Target!) as I felt it gave me a bit more control over the blush. As you may know blush is similar to red lipstick in that it likes to stray from where it’s supposed to be so the extra control is nice.

P.S If you ladies get the chance to try out this look I’d love to see how you put your spin on it! Please share!