5 Ways to Treat Yourself On Valentine’s Day

Hot Bath

If you’re going out on a hot date you’re probably going to want to do a little extra special maintenance to look and feel like the goddess you are. Even if you aren’t going out for the evening a hot bath is an amazing way to spoil yourself and unwind after a long week. Light a few candles, put on some tranquil music and reach for your favorite bath bomb or even better Epsom Salts; which are great for softening the skin and flushing toxins from the body and are often much cheaper than bath bombs. If you have a few essential oils laying around feel free to add them in, and if you are in the mood for the full spa treatment try applying a conditioning treatment to your hair beforehand and let it work its magic while you soak. I recommend the K-PAK Intense Hydrator  by Jocio ($20 at Ulta), a bit pricey but a little goes a long way so it lasts quite a while or the Marc Anthony Oil of Morroco Deep Hydrating Conditioning Treatment ($3 at Ulta). It’s a one-shot product but there is a ton of product in the little pouch.

Note: Also for extra silky smooth legs, try double shaving once with your regular shaving cream and once with baby oil. It’s a bit messy but I feel the shave lasts longer.

Face Mask

After a nice steam in the tub your pores are open and ready to receive dome healing hydration. If you’re not a bath person or don’t have the time the old pot on the stove steam facial will do the trick, or even sitting with a warm rag over your face for a few minutes. Make sure your face is nice and clean before steaming open those pores though! As the goal is to hydrate the skin, try and reach for a mask that has more natural ingredients, preferably ones with natural healing or plumping properties like Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Cucumber, Coconut Milk or Hylaronic acid. I am currently loving the Purlisse Coconut & Rice/Ginger & Green Tea Masks ($10 cash back if you order through Ipsy!) I am also in love with the Aloe Rescue Mask from BioRepublic and Aloe & Acai Berry from Sally’s Box. Sheet masks are not messy and feel so refreshing on the skin. They provide moisture and give a freshly plumped look to the face and are great for firming and sealing the pores, reducing redness and even shrinking any small blemishes you may be fighting that day leaving you with dewy radiant skin.

Note: If you are on a tight budget check at Target or Ulta for sheet masks, just be sure and check out the ingredients and even the reviews if you are like me and have sensitive skin.

Polish Love

What kind of shoes are you wearing for your night on the town? Do your toenails show? Are you thinking your man may pop the question this evening? Will you be taking pictures toasting celebratory ‘I Hate Valentine’s Day’ champagne with the ladies later? Then break out the nail polish ladies! Nail polish is essentially lipstick …for your hands and feet. Not to mention it’s also such a ridiculously easy way to appear well groomed, glamourous and put together. And there are so many amazing new products for nails these days! They even have little stick on jewels to press into the paint when it’s still slightly wet, and cute little design sticker tattoos you just stick on and seal with clear polish! They make it so cheap and easy to make it look like you spent the day getting glam-ed up at the salon when really you were home in your pjs binge watching Sex In The City.

Note: For extra soft hands and feet apply Vaseline to your feet (before painting!) and cover them with pair of old socks (not the fluffy or furry kind). Keep  a paper towel handy!


Is there really any better way to pamper yourself than a massage? Before you scroll past this because you think you can’t afford this method of pampering hear me out! Around the holidays like, Christmas, Mother’s Day and yes Valentine’s Day, most massage parlors have sales on gift certificates. Contrary to popular belief you can use these on yourself! They usually have a set limit for how many you can purchase obviously, but the point here is that the price of the certificates are significantly discounted price than that of a normal massage!  Sometimes up to 50% off the regular price. Good health and a stress free mind make the perfect Valentine’s gift to yourself. And at two for the price of one a luxury, and sure to be appreciated, V-Day gift for a friend, family member or significant other too! Drool, talk about the ultimate way to unwind on Valentine’s Day! Just be sure and drink lots and lots of water afterward to flush out those nasty negative toxins and so you don’t accidentally sleep through your big night out!

Note: Keep an eye out for expiration dates! There’s nothing worse than finding an expired massage coupon right when you really need that massage. Trust me! R.I.P Massage Coupon


Chocolate Strawberries

There are so many ways to make chocolate covered strawberries, the most common method is to completely cover the whole strawberry in chocolate, but that takes a lotof work and is rather messy.  The easiest, cleanest method I have found over the years is to simply slice up the strawberries and drizzled chocolate on them. This is also one of the more guilt free methods as the chocolate to fruit ratio is significantly lower than that of the common chocolate dipped strawberry. Simply slice the berries from base to tip and place the thin slices spread out on a wax paper lined plate or cookie sheet (depending on how many you want to make). Melt chocolate bars or semi sweet milk chocolate chips using these simple directionsor go the quick and easy route and pick up some Dolci Frutta with your strawberries. This stuff is a godsend for those who don’t want to worry about burnt chocolate or dishes! And you can pick it up at almost any grocery store. Follow the directions then swiftly use a spoon dipped in the chocolaty goodness to lightly drizzle the mixture back and forth in thin lines across the sliced berries. When you’re done be sure and soak the spoon, (or lick it clean, I won’t tell!) then pop them in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes and viola! A yummy, fresh and semi guilt free  Valentine’s Day treat!

Note: Maybe do this before heading to the above mentioned massage or before soaking in the tub so they are ready to go when you get back!




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