About Me

Style Jinx Kocca Jacket Pretty Women Crazy Purse 5 - Copy.jpgI was born an adventurous girl, but raised to follow a safer more financially secure path. Meaning I was supposed to go to college, land a high paying cooperate job with lots of benefits, be as thrifty as a church mouse and settle all nice and cozy into my retirement. And for a while I followed that path; working multiple jobs, saving money while building a useful resume, and attending community college because it was a more cost effective way to take my basic classes and lining everything up for when I would eventually move on to university then a master’s program in Global Business and Marketing. I figured finding a job that I had to travel for would sate my more wild and carefree side enough that I wouldn’t go crazy crunching numbers and look at charts all day. I was wrong.

Nearing the end of my associate’s degree I started getting so bored with work. It’s not that I had a bad job because I had a great job, it just wasn’t holding my interest anymore and it started to negatively affect my work as I just wasn’t as dedicated as I used to be. I know we all have to hold down that we may not exactly love at some point in our lives, if only to pay the bills, but I was going to be doing this same sort of job for the rest of my life. In a world where it is now normal to wait 7-10 years to get married to someone we are in a relationship with because we want to be 100% sure they are “the one” before committing, why on earth are we settling for a job that ranks mediocre on our happiness scale? That relationship, your career is going to be, like your spouse, something you have to live with every single day. In fact, you may even spend more time on your relationship with your job than your actual spouse in your lifetime. And we just settle?

Ok, so my midlife crisis may have come a bit earlier than most people’s, but it was that nauseating fear of dreading going to work every day for the rest of my adult life (either that or changing jobs every few years which is pointless) that essentially pole vaulted me off the safe train and onto the uncertain path of life as a fashion blogger. I have always loved fashion, even as a kid I remember playing Barbie’s with my friends discussing which shoes went with which dress, pausing movies to look at the detailing of costumes, I even used to pick out my mom’s outfits for her. Growing up in a small farm town there was never really much opportunity to expand my fashion horizons, trends arrived about two years late to our small town in the middle of nowhere, where the main style was wranglers, t-shirts boots or, for the cool kids, skater shoes. That and basically anything that could be found at Walmart as an actual shopping district was two hours away.

After moving to Arizona, the severe heat kept me indoors a lot more, so I spent my days reading and looking through fashion magazines, watching fashion related documentaries, and streaming runway shows on my laptop. Until finally giving in and letting myself admit that working in a fashion and beauty related field would give me more daily happiness than grinding away at the more expected cooperate job and was what I really wanted to do. But I wanted to have my own opinion on things, and be able to write about content I was actually interested in and loved, fashion, beauty, travel, personal style, and my day to day lifestyle. And so begins my life as a fashion blogger!